Motorola Charm, A Portrait QWERTY Android Phone for Kids Heading Back to School

Motorola Charm

Time for kids to head back to school and look what Motorola, along with T-Mobile wants to share with them. It’s Motorola Charm, with physical QWERTY keyboard in a portrait mode, it’s kid’s best ally when it comes to some serious texting from school or enjoying the FB/Twitter in classrooms. At home, the kid got his super computer, anyway.

Guys at Tmonews got this promo in their hands which shows off Motorola Charm with other three Samsung phones. T-Mobile is distributing these phones free of any upfront payment. Of course, monthly plan for 2 years come attached with it, but it still holds good for ‘back to school’ time. Unless, kids got their eyes set straight on Droid X, releasing this July 15 or Droid 2, that suits more for texting and FB/Twitter time, coming this August.

Clearly, Motorola Charm seems the best bet among the 4 phones in the pic below, thanks to Android embedded therein. Let’s not fool around by digging deep into its version and processing power and all that. After all, it’s meant for texting for kids, don’t expect a super phone here.

If you’re a kid, whose is pretty upset over heading back to school, well then this one was for you. Did this set the mood right for, hmm? Have a rocking school time and enjoy at school too. (chuckling!)

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