Motorola adds new feature: Chop your way to some quick light

We were all caught by surprise when we discovered that the update Motorola was rolling out was actually meant for Android 5.1 instead of for 5.0 as we originally thought. And it turned out that Motorola Mobility — which is known for the innovation it brings to its devices — has added a fun new feature to its devices.

Christened “chop twice for flashlight” this feature does exactly what its name implies. To get some quick light, just chop at the air twice and voila! the flashlight turns on your smartphone. Chop it twice again and it turns off. Like magic isn’t it? Check it out below.


To turn this feature on, simply choose “Actions” in Moto Apps and poke around until you find the option. Bear in mind though, the feature is currently available only in the devices running the latest version of Android and while that rules it out for many smartphones — devices that won’t support the 5.1 — its so handy that Motorola might just take it into its head to push for this feature in other devices as well via an extra update to Moto apps.

Be that as may, this feature certainly is a useful little addition to smartphones, saving the hassle of having to go through various menus in order to get some light.

Way to go Moto!

Source: droid-life