Moto 360 Price to be £199 in the UK

Moto 360 is the most anticipated Smart Watch in the present wearable devices war, beating the Apple’s iWatch and LG’s G Watch in terms of media and public attention. The device made a sneaky appearance on the Joshua Topolsky wrist at the Jimmy Fallon’s resident tech guru show. The sudden appearance of the Moto 360 on the editor in chief of The Verge, gave a solid hint that the Moto 360 is all set to make its appearance in the public but the pricing of the device is still a blind spot until now, but from the latest report from an UK retailer we guess we got our answer.

The UK Electronics retailer MobileFun claims that the Moto 360 will come with a price tag £199 when it launches in the UK later this summer. This price tag is slightly above the LG G Watch pricing which is announced to be available in the UK markets at around £180 when it launches in July. If the retailer is correct, the Moto 360 is definitely a best buy at the low price.

The Moto 360 comes with a bundle of fitness functions, allowing it to monitor your exercise and sleep.  The Moto 360 will deliver a constant stream of notifications from your Smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, giving you notifications on incoming emails, text messages, calls, calendar appointments and other notification rich services. You  can however turn off the notification stream for some of the apps to regulate the notification stream to important notifications only.

You can also place a pre-order on the metallic Moto 360 watch from the UK website of MobileFun to own the Moto 360 as soon as it hits the market. However the pricing status is still not updated in the website. You can follow the pre-order link from below.

Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch – Metal → Pre-order now.

So start pre-booking the Moto 360 now, to decorate your wrist with this elegant Smart Watch as soon as it hits the market.

Via MobileFun