More about HTC One M9 Plus: Device may come with a squarish camera

The One M9 which launched at the MWC about a fortnight ago was an instant hit, gaining much of the spotlight due to its sleek looks and the One series’s signature specs. Right after the One M9 was released, rumors surfaced on a One M9 plus which apparently was in the making. While there has not been any official word regarding the device, the rumor mill has been steadily churning its wheels spewing out all kind of details such as the device dimensions and leaked renders in the process.

The most recent along this line came from leakster @Onleaks who recently put up some pictures which supposedly depict the One M9 Plus. These images however are not official images but rather a mock-up which was made by @Onleaks after he somehow got a look at the One M9 Plus prototype. Now if it was someone else, we could simply laugh the whole matter off, but Onleaks has proved himself pretty credible with a whole bunch of valid leaks under his belt and that gets you thinking.

Older-leaked-images-of-the-HTC-One-M9-Plus (2)

Assuming the renders to be true however, the device sports a physical home button. Also, in keeping with the recent trend HTC has added a touch type fingerprint scanner. However, unlike the squarish camera the One M9 has on its back, the M9 Plus can be seen with the traditional circular one which to be honest is decidedly ugly. But hold your horses folks, the M9 supposedly had the same camera on its back at the prototype stage replaced at a later stage by the present one.

Older-leaked-images-of-the-HTC-One-M9-Plus (3)

All this discussion however, is pointless until we get confirmation about whether or not the device will be launched at all, for all we know the project may be scrapped midway or even — as is more likely — be launched under the Desire series.

Either way, it seems like we will just have to sit tight for a while before anything concrete about the M9 Plus makes it to the surface.

Source: PhoneArena