Mobile Phone humming with 3 GB RAM already under plans at Samsung

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Here we were waiting for more devices to start appearing with 2GB of RAM, and Samsung is apparently working on devices with 3GB of RAM inside! The information comes from a picture of two prototype phones that have a sticker mentioning “3Gb RAM” on them, obtained by Sammobile.

I find Android’s multitasking to be shambles currently, as combined with the high RAM apps use compared to other OS, 1GB of RAM feels limited when you see a game get killed just because you sent it to background and started to use the browser. But 2GB of RAM is something that would be enough to remedy this, so I don’t see what the need of 3GB RAM would be, though Samsung could just be future proofing things (we didn’t need quad-core processors either, right?).

According to Sammobile’s source, Samsung is also working on making a transition to buttonless phones, and considering how Samsung is unwilling to switch to Android’s onscreen buttons and is sticking to a hardware home button, it could be that Samsung has grander things in planning for later.

What do you think? Is 3GB of RAM needed or is this future proofing beyond something that’s not required?

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