Mobeedo android app: Know Everything about your Location in One App


Frankly, we were surprised to see how much capable the Mobeedo android app actually is. You can do everything that can be pulled onto the the location based sharing. Must Try app. the developer’s claim – the first real mobile web 2.0 information system – are not out of proportions. you would know when you use it. The app offers variety for everyone.


  • Share location with friends – set specific friends or time when it will be visible
  • Set business info on the map
  • Set reminders based on location
  • Even play situation based games (crazy!)
  • Check weather forecast also and much more
  • Get the timetable and routes of buses and trains
  • Locate a gas station nearby or get traffic details

Clearly, the app can be used by different people in hell lot of different ways. try this app and let us and the public know, which way it was useful to you. Sure enough?

Compatibility: Works fine with all android devices.

Download Mobeedo for FREE from the android market.

Mobeedo QR Code

android market link, official page.


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