MIUI 9 release set for August 16 release


“When is MIUI 9 going to release?” This is one question every Xiaomi fan needs an answer for. It was earlier said that the MIUI 9 will debut with the Xiaomi Mi6 which didn’t happen.

Then rumor had it that the latest version of MIUI will be unveiled alongside the Mi Max 2. Which also hasn’t happened, clearly. So, when is MIUI 9 going to debut officially, you ask?

Well, we still don’t have an exact date when it will be revealed. But, we do have a specific timeframe confirmed by the company itself on its forums.

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Xiaomi’s official statement reveals that the MIUI 9 is coming very soon. It could possibly come late this month or in the first couple of weeks in August.

In the worst case scenario, MIUI 9 will be unveiled on August 16 officially but no later than that, according to the company’s claims.

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Xiaomi didn’t reveal which of its devices will be receiving the latest MIUI update in the post. If we were to speculate, most of the Xiaomi phones upwards of Redmi Note 4 should ideally receive the update.

That, by any means, is not to say that phones like the recently launched Redmi 4A or the like won’t receive MIUI 9. But, it’s something we are not certain (or aware) of.

Source: Xiaomi

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