MIUI 4 Theme: Suave HD

MIUI is one unique custom ROM that gives a total overhaul to the default Android UI. Not only that, but the inbuilt theme engine gives it a level of customizability not seen on any other ROM. A lot of themes, both paid and free are available for MIUI, and can even be mixed together with each other to change different aspects of the UI such as the icons, the font, etc.

Suave HD is one of the most good-looking themes for MIUI that has been available for the Gingerbread version of MIUI for quite some time, and now XDA themer prof.kiwi has started porting it over to the Ice Cream Sandwich based MIUI 4. Suave HD includes over 1000+ icons, plus unique ribbon-style notification bar icons. And now, you can use it on your MIUI 4 running Android phone. Fans of the theme that used it on the Gingerbread based MIUI will certainly welcome the chance to use the theme on MIUI 4.

The theme can be downloaded at the official theme page on XDA. It’s not fully complete now, so it’s a little rough in places and needs some work, but will get better with updates as the maker of the theme has promised. So go ahead, give it a try, and let us know if you like it, in the comments below.

By the way, the Gingerbread version of the theme can be found → here.