Missed Call Priority Android App: Refine Your Missed Call Alerts!

Missed Call Priority Android App

Showing the duration of calls is a basic feature to every phone, but have you ever known a phone that could show the duration of missed calls also. Sure not. And that’s why I am deliriously excited to tell you about this app “Missed Call Priority”. It does only two things — first, it counts for you the seconds of call that you missed.. and second, it lets you set the priority for calls you missed like, you can set low priority to missed calls that lasted only 5 sec, and high priority to those which rang for at least 25 seconds.

It really is very helpful to know if somebody by mistake gave a missed call or it was a really important call that you missed.

Scan To Download Missed Call Priority Android AppDownload Missed Call Priority Android App. Scan the QR code in the right with a barcode scanner app.

Download link for mobile

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