What are the uses of Gilded Blackstone in Minecraft?

Minecraft Gilded Blackstone Uses

With the latest (relatively) update bringing in a whole new dimension to our favorite game, Minecraft is once more plagued with new ingredients and consequently recipes. In this article, we will cover Gilded Blackstone; what are its uses, and how to get it.

What is Gilded Blackstone

Blackstone is the Nether equivalent to cobblestone which is the most basic building block in the Overworld. In the Nether, however, Blackstone is subdivided into three variants; Blackstone, Polished Blackstone, and Gilded Blackstone.

Gilded Blackstone is only found in the Nether, and primarily in the Bastion remnants. So if you’re looking for Gilded Blackstone, that’s where you start. Unless dropped, Gilded Blackstone will only naturally regenerate in the Bastion remnants.

Uses for Gilded Blackstone

Well, Gilded Blackstone was introduced with the Nether update, but as of yet, there do not seem to be many uses for it. When mined, Gilded Blackstone may drop gold nuggets. However, it may also drop Gilded Blackstone too, which, as far as we can tell, has no real use yet.

Unlike regular Blackstone which can actually be used to craft Polished Blackstone among a host of other things, Gilded Blackstone seems to only be tied to its chance drop of gold nuggets.

Interestingly piglins have been noticed to turn hostile toward the player when they begin mining for Gilded Blackstone.

How to mine Gilded Blackstone

Gilded Blackstone cannot be mined by hand. Well, it can be, but it won’t drop anything. To mine Gilded Blackstone you will need a basic pickaxe. Of course, the mining time will defer depending on the material that the pickaxe is made out of.

When mined with a pickaxe, Gilded Blackstone usually drops itself. However, there is a 10% chance that it may drop 2 to 5 gold nuggets. Similar to mining gravel, an enchanted does increase the chance of Gilded Blackstone dropping gold nuggets. The fortune enchantment that maxes out at level three, progressively increases the chances of a gold drop from Gilded Blackstone.

Enchantment level Chance of gold nugget drop
Unenchanted 10%
Fortune enchantment Level 1 14.29%
Fortune enchantment Level 2 25%
Fortune enchantment Level 3 Guaranteed drop

Well, that’s about it. Maybe Mojang will add more uses for the ore. Have you found any uses for Gilded Blackstone yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credits: Gamepedia