Latest update to the Xbox app brings gamerscore leaderboards and much more

xbox android app

Are you an Xbox fanatic? Do you want to monitor your gaming progress to each second? Then the Xbox Android app is meant for you. The app let’s you connect actively with your gaming community where you can share progress and even share gaming clips.

The latest update to this app (version 1703.0324.0104) adds a couple of nifty features. The Xboxb app now notifies you, if your friends are streaming their games on Beam. Gamerscore leaderboards have been added for a more competitive environment with your friends. Achievement rarity will now allow you to distinguish the hard-to-earn achievements in a game.

This update also brings in a few bug fixes which include the multiple notifications bug if you receive a message. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixes this issue.

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The Xbox app also features some extra functionality where you can use it as a touchpad and keyboard for your Xbox One, or it can be used as a media controller too. Even if you don’t own an Xbox One, you can use the Xbox app for playing Xbox Live games for Android.

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