Media Hub on Galaxy S 4G Bills Purchases Directly to T-mobile Account, Liberates You of Filling Card Details!

Samsung Galaxy S 4G — available for $200 on T-Mobile — comes with Samsung’s own app, Media hub, to let users purchase music, tv shows, etc directly from the phone. What’s so great about the app is the fact that it won’t eat your time asking credit card credentials and all that, but instead, will charge your T-Mobile account directly — yep! the carrier fully supports this.

Grab a movie, a rerun of your favorite sitcom, or simply tune in for that missed episode of your favorite TV show, all the usage charges will appear on your T-Mobile bill. Another reason why you should consider Samsung Media Hub is its sharing ability for your downloads. If you download anything on your Media Hub then you can share it with 5 other phones which are media Hub enabled for no extra cost, and it’s perfectly legal too.

Mouth watering enough, ask us, ABSOLUTELY!

Via Android Central

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