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money making android apps

What started out as an idea to make mobile phones do more than just calling and texting has blossomed into so much more. A decade since its inception under Google, Android OS has become the driving force behind some of the coolest things we can do today right from our pocket devices.

Google Play Store has been a massive part of this revolution, from apps that help you hail a cab anywhere, anytime, to find a hot date for the weekend. But who could’ve ever imagined that your Android phone can help you stack up some cash on the side?

These money-making apps that we’ve come across will not make you the next Bill Gates, but free money is always a welcome, right?

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Google Opinion Rewards

If you’ve always been skeptical about survey apps that promise money but never pan out, then the official money-making app from Google should be reassuring. Google Opinion Rewards is just what it sounds like, giving you real-time Google Play credits for the shortest and simplest surveys every now and then. With a payout of up to $1 for a simple survey, you’ve got nothing to lose and some sweet Google Play credits to gain.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards

DietBet – Weight Loss Games

You can find apps to help you lose weight for dime a dozen on the Play Store, but how many of that help you earn cash while doing it? Essentially how the app works is that you pool in money with a bunch of other players and bet on yourself to lose either 4% of your weight on the Kickstarter program, or go for the Transformer program to lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months. All of this is backed by photo verification, algorithmic auditing and referees to monitor your weight loss, and you win your share if you meet your weight loss goal.

Download: DietBet – Weight Loss Games

Money App – Cash for Free Apps

The money app offers you cash for watching videos, playing free games, answering surveys, giving opinions, performing free trials or simply answering surveys. Simply perform new tasks and earn rewards for the same.

One can try it to earn some extra money but that means you have to spend a lot of time watching videos and perform various tasks for the same. Definitely try it if you have some spare time to kill and get some reward points in return. However, the only way to cash out is PayPal that may come out as inconvenient for some users.

Download: Money App

Make Money – Free Cash App

The make money app gives you to earn some extra money by completing certain tasks given in the app. Though this app has a decent rating but that’s partially due to the developer’s trick of asking users to review the app with a five-star rating, which is clearly stated by users.

  App asks to rate 5 stars in exchange for credits. I just didn’t want to sugarcoat or lie about the rating. Points/credits/coins is life when you’re using money making apps. There, i know you get the idea.

So its certainly better to try the app on your own but yes the rewards you get for completing the tasks is definitely not feasible for the time you need to invest in earing it.

Download: Make Money

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

The Karma Play allows you to earn money by installing games and spend time playing it. The more you play a game the more credits you gain. This one can be your favorite pastime to discover new apps and make money using them.

It can be a good way of earning Google Play credits and enjoy premium stuff but just like other money-making apps, you need plenty of rewards points to get a minimum cashout of $5.

Download: appKarma

Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards

The app does exactly as the name suggests – it rewards you with points for downloading apps that it lines up for you. You’re not going to get yourself an iPhone X with Cash for Apps anytime soon, but the fact that 300 earned points equal to $1 of real money make it a great way to earn some pocket change without any commitment whatsoever. Cash for Apps has tie-ups with iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many others, so there are plenty of ways for you to cash out.

Download: Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards

Make Money – Work At Home

Unlike the cheap gimmicks you’ll find on the internet that promise you a way to make a quick buck, this app is actually educational. Make Money comes with over 70 different ways to help you with ideas, gives you tips on learning skills and the resources to earn a living from your home. From tutorials on affiliate marketing and blogging, to starting podcasts learning about email marketing, there’s a lot to learn with this app.

Download: Make Money – Work At Home

Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash

For those of us how to keep a track of their expenses with receipts and bills from every single transaction, Receipt Hog is the reward you deserve for being money smart. All you need to do is take pictures of your purchase receipts, feed them to the Receipt Hog app and gain rewards in the form of coins. You can then cash out these coins for real cash through PayPal and Amazon gift cards, and even take part in their surveys and sweepstakes to win big.

Download: Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash

Ibotta: Cash Savings, Rewards & Coupons App

Grocery shopping for the majority of people is as natural as brushing their teeth every morning, so why not get rewarded for doing so? Ibotta comes with a simple market plan that has tied up with major retailers to not only bring you the best deals on your next shopping run, but helps find cashback rebates, redeem points when you shop or dine out, and choose your form of rebate via PayPal, Venmo, and gift cards.

Download: Ibotta: Cash Savings, Rewards & Coupons App

Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash

Your mobile device is the most personal piece of technology you own, so it makes sense for marketers to cater ads directly to mobile devices. This is what makes Slidejoy such a popular service, as it brings deals, shopping offers, and other advertisements directly to the lock screen of your Android device. You get Slidejoy Carats for doing absolutely nothing, and you can cash in their virtual currency for real cash with not just gift cards, but PayPal payout as well.

Download: Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash

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Which is your favorite way of making some quick and easy money on the side with Android apps? Be sure to share your favorite money-making apps in the comments section down below.

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