Low RAM property patcher brings Android Go optimizations to all Android Oreo ROMs

android oreo go edition

When the first Android Go phones arrived at the MWC 2018, there wasn’t much to write home about. Several months later and it appears that the initiative is gaining momentum as notable names like Huawei, ZTE, Asus, Alcatel, Nokia and several others have already unveiled pretty impressive handsets under this program.

What makes Android Go such attractive software is that it has been optimized to offer top-notch performance even when used on devices with low RAM.

But what if these low RAM optimizations can also make their way to our regular non-Android Go devices that already boast better hardware? Well, the result should be even zippier performance.


One little problem that stands in the way of this trick is that it needs rebuilding of the ROM in order to bundle Android Go-specific optimizations, something not everyone is willing or able to undertake.

On the brighter side, recognized XDA developer AdrianDC came up with a nifty solution for anyone who wants Go properties on their device without going through any major hassles.

low ram property patcher

Say hello to Low RAM Property Patcher!

The Low RAM Property Patcher lets you bring a good number of Android Go optimizations to your device and even though its target is Android Oreo, the fact that the low RAM property has been here since Android KitKat means that the patcher can also work on ROMs based on older Android versions. However, the developer notes that ROM developers must have validated the low-RAM UI changes for this to work.

It’s quite easy getting things done, where you only need to flash the provided zip file and low RAM optimization will hit your device. According to the developer, these changes will persist even after you install updated versions in future.

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There are some issues you must also accept to deal with, among them a flat Recents UI, multi-users disabled, high-end graphics disabled, less recent apps cache, multi-windows disabled, minor notification icon changes, no apps notifications access, zen access, VR listener access, and PIP access.  If you are not happy with what you get, you can also uninstall the Low RAM Property Patcher by simply flashing it again.

Download the Property Patcher zip file from the XDA thread over here.

Of course, you will need TWRP recovery to be able to install this. Search this very site for TWRP for your device as we have covered a lot of devices for this.

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