Looking for a waterproof, dustproof Galaxy S6? You may just have to wait until May

The Active Galaxy S5

Ever since Galaxy S4, Samsung has taken the habit of quietly launching the “Active” version of its most famous smartphone series a certain period of time after the main device hits the market. The Active version — as the name implies — is meant for those members of our race who live a more “Active” lifestyle than normal — or simply those who would prefer an extra layer of protection for their smartphones. The extra here refers to protection against water as well as dust, pretty handy once you stop to consider the price of  these devices.

Carrying on in the same strain, At&T — which has helped distribute the active version of Samsung’s Galaxy flagships in the past — is expected to announce one for the S6 any day now. While we have yet to receive an official confirmation, yet the device’s User Agent Profile has appeared online with a model number of SM-G890A. Now considering that the active version of the Galaxy S5 carried a tag number of SM-G870A on AT&T, it doesn’t take too much to figure out a connection.

The Active Galaxy S5
The Active Galaxy S5

The profile isn’t terribly informative though and doesn’t offer much. The screen is featured as a Quad HD one which is identical to the ones found on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Apart from this and the model number, all that is mentioned is the ARM11 CPU.

It is hard to conjecture in what ways will the active versions differ from the standard ones. In the past the looks have toned down a bit, acquiring a little more ruggedness and the build as well as the materials used for the active variant were a little sturdier. It will be interesting to see the changes wrought this year since Samsung has already ditched  the plastic, preferring a stronger glass-metal combo for its S6 and S6 Edge. The spec sheet usually remains more or less unchanged with a couple of minor changes here and there.

While nothing more is known at this point, according to hearsay the Active version may be announced in May 2015.

Stay Tuned!

Source: SamMobile