LG Star to be known as LG Optimus 2x. Catch the Phone on More Videos!

LG Star vs Galaxy S vs iPhone 4

LG seems all the more cautious and active about its upcoming great, LG Star android phone, which will pack in a dual-core Tegra 2 processor from nVidia. We had expectation from the Nexus S to come with a dual-core processor but the S surely let us down there.

While announcing the Optimus Mach (LU3000), LG did revealed a bit about the LG Star’s US version too, by error or not. The Star could hit the Korean market soon disguised as Optimus 2x (code SU660), the latter part of the name obviously highlighting the hardware improvement brought by the dual-core processor. Not using the ‘Star’ name seems justified to us since we think it’s much better to use existing brand name that’s more popular and known by the public.

And LG has surely made a good reputation with the Optimus One android phone and its variants, called Optimus S/U/T/Vortex/etc at respective US carriers, as demonstrated by the fact that LG sold 2 million units of Optimus One world over together with its variants, of which, 1.3 million were sold alone in North America.

But the US market isn’t the first one to taste the power of dual-core processor. It will be the LG’s home, Korea where LG’s, and very much possibly world’s first dual-core phone will be released (unless Motorola is able to launch its Tegra 2 Olympus phone earlier than that, but chances of that happening are very slim).

Some videos of the phone were found on the YouTube which might entertain you a lot ad worth giving a sight to. So let’s check them out.

LG Optimus 2x HDMI movie

Optimus 2X HDMI Game

Optimus 2X vs iPhone 4 vs Galaxy S

Optimus 2X vs Galaxy S

Well, for those of you who are feeling little too much teased with the recent developments in android, thanks to the launch of Nexus S with android 2.3 but without dual-core processor and the ever heightening rumors about the upcoming dual core phones from LG and Motorola, we will be shortly bringing a opinion article on which is the best android phone now and whether it’s worth to wait for dual-core phones than not buying Nexus S.

Keep watching this space for more!

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