LG M700F passes through FCC, runs on Nougat

A new LG smartphone has landed at US certification site FCC hinting that its release is just round the corner. Bearing model number LG M700F, the phone runs Android Nougat.

The FCC listing disappoints us when it comes to more information about this new LG phone. We are therefore left with nothing but our imagination to come up with some guess work to surmise the specifications this unnamed device could carry.

Although it would be too premature to conclude anything as of now, but our safe bet is that this will be a mid-range product from LG.

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Notably, another LG device with model number LG-M700H also received FCC certification last week. From the looks of it, it seems that LG M700F and LG M700H are two variants of the same smartphone as the latter also has been spotted running Android Nougat.

Source: FCC

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