LG G8 ThinQ’s price leaked

LG’s struggles in the mobile handset business are quite known — their premier high-end flagship range, the G series, has not been selling as well as they would want despite the top-notch specs and reasonable pricing.

This year, LG will woo you and us alike with the G8, whose name is no longer unofficial, but we don’t have any official details on the device yet. The phone will be officially introduced in the Mobile World Congress 2019 on the 24th of February in Barcelona, Spain.

Not much is known about the phone as of yet and except for basic specs, the details are being kept tightly under wraps. But little escapes the notice of hawk-eyed fans who scour the net for tiniest of hints and leaks. One such redditor, going by the name livedadevilhas found a screenshot listing the price of the phone in Canadian dollars- basically the phone’s price in Canada.

The screenshot lists the LG ThinQ’s price as $1,199.99 CAD. Converting to USD, that amounts to $900. So it is safe to assume that the US price of the phone will be very close to the $900 mark.

The USD $900 price should be for the costliest variant of the phone, BTW, which will have 128GB internal storage.

Given the new Time of Flight technology being employed in the phone’s front-facing camera to deliver better facial recognition abilities than ever before, the phone’s under $1000 retail price sounds like a dream.

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