LG G7 release set for January 2018


LG is apparently planning to launch its next flagship in the G line, possibly called the LG G7, earlier than normal. The South Korean usually unveils the G series handsets during the MWC event in February and make them available for purchase later.

However, in order to get a head start against its rivals, the Galaxy S9 particularly, the company seems to be moving up the schedule a bit to launch the LG G7 in January. The report also suggests that the company has already started R&D for the LG G7 a month ago.

Also, according to the report, the LG V30 could also be launched a bit earlier than planned — perhaps in August.

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The company, however, didn’t confirm anything when asked about the schedule. “Nothing has been decided on the launch schedule of the upcoming phones,” a company spokesperson said.

The report sheds light on the LG V30 as well. According to which, the V30 could get an OLED display (so will the LG G7), Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 SoC, and dual camera setup on the back.

Source: The Investor

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