LG G7 launch: LG hires Bulletproof Boy Scouts with ‘building a new image’ in mind


In an attempt to turn around its dwindling mobile division, LG Electronics has signed up popular South Korean K-Pop band, Bulletproof Boy Band or simply BTS, as its global smartphone brand ambassador, beginning with the LG G7.

With the LG G7 set to be unveiled at the tail end of this month and start selling in May, this deal will see the BTS group star in the company’s social media campaigns and TV adverts in the build-up to the phone’s launch and thereafter. The group will also feature in other LG mobile products’ marketing materials.

According to LG, “the campaign will highlight the band’s talent, attitude, and relationship with its fans, the very qualities that LG hopes to bring to its upcoming products starting this quarter.”

Here’s what Kim Su-young, VP and head of marketing for LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, had to say about the new partnership:

“BTS achieved international superstardom through raw talent, innovation and authenticity even though many gave them little chance of real success,” says. “These qualities make BTS a great match with our smartphone brand and we hope to be able to convey to the global audience that LG mobile devices are also about delivering bold innovation with a unique attitude.”

LG has been all about building a new image and with this move, the company hopes to attract more consumers to its line of smartphones. Whether it works or not, only time will tell.

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