LG G6 System Dump now available, expect ports to to rain down soon

lg g6

While LG is busy gearing up for the worldwide release of its latest flagship, folks over at XDA have already gotten hold of LG G6’s system dump for model no. US997, with the software build being V09L, which is the US cellular variant of the G6.

Based on Android 7.0 (LG UX 6.0), the system dump provided is intended developer use only. Do not flash the zip on your device unless you’re fond of owning bricked devices. The early arrival of the system dump ensures that we will be seeing a wide range of portable ROMs down the line with the previous LG devices likely to be the first ones to receive the port.

As the ‘second screen’ like the V20 is not here anymore, and that G6’s custom skin of more close to stock Android UI than ever, this ensures that developers won’t be facing any big obstacles down the line.

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The dump is a sizable 1.85GB piece of download, on a cursory glance, seems to include all stock LG apps. Interestingly, there is no special mention of the Google Assistant in the dump, leading us to believe that the update from Google app to Assistant may be server side after all.

With the dump in hand and largely positive reviews about the G6 on the internet, we hope for a respectable number of developers to back the device. We also expect various modded and tweaked ROMs to grace the device soon enough.

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Interested to take a peek at the system dump? Head over at to this XDA thread and tinker with it to your heart’s content. Do shower a ‘thanks you’ to xpirt, who shared it on the web.

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