LG G6 specs just got a downer! May not feature SD 835

The LG G6 is all set to make its appearance at the Mobile World Congress next month, but we might be in for some disappointment. If this leak turns out to be true, then we may be getting the Snapdragon 821 processor on the LG G6, not the rumored SD 835.

So far, all the rumors and reports have pointed to the G6 coming with the Snapdragon 835 processor, but that may not be the case. This comes from sources familiar with the matter, so there are chances it could be true.

Qualcomm did say that the new SD 835 chipset may not be ready until Q2 2017 or end of Q1 2017. Perhaps LG couldn’t get access to the chipset and had to stick to the current 821 variant as the launch is happening in a few weeks time.

This is certainly going to disappoint a lot of fans and customers who were looking forward to the LG G6, specially the spec nerds. Earlier today, a legitimate image of the G6 had also surfaced on the web.


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