LG G6 pre-orders going strong in Korea, 40,000 units booked in 4 days

After having officially announced its much awaited flagship, the LG G6 is off to a good start with pre-orders coming in around the 40,000 units mark in a span of four days. Perhaps people will be able to overlook what the previous gen G5 did with the projected success of the LG G6.

But you could say that LG did try to pull some strings, albeit indirectly, to popularize the flagship and to give sales an early boost. About 450,000 Korean Won (~$390) worth of supplementary merchandise is being offered along with the purchase of the G6. This includes an LCD warranty on the display and a “Genuine Case” to all G6 owners.

LG will also try to entice prospective G6 buyers who pre-order, with various doodads that range from LG’s Bluetooth headsets to Nescafe Coffee Machines.

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This strategy is starting to look a lot like Apple Care, with free replacement of the display if one subscribes to the warranty program. It is actually a good deal, as you could expect the HDR 10 totting display to cost a pretty few bucks to replace.

The Korean variant of the G6 is up for launch come March 10th, carrying a price tag of 899,000 Korean Won (~$780). With a change of tactics focusing on delivering down to earth high quality hardware, LG should be able to gain back the market share that it lost with the semi-modular G5 from last year.

Via: ZDNet