LG G4 may just be cheaper than the Galaxy S6

So the LG G4 is almost here and even before its launch, speculations and comparisons between the G4 and other flagships — most notably the Galaxy S6 — have already started, covering everything from features to price.

While early reports put the G4 as costlier than the S6, a recent post at the German website WinFuture says that the G4 will actually cost less than the S6 — at least in Germany. According to the website, the 32 GB model of the G4 will cost anywhere between €679 to €689, which is around €10 to €20 cheaper than the S6 — however, that is only for the base model minus the fancy, leather back cover.

The other variants of the device are expected to come somewhere in the range of €729 to €739 which is more than what you will have to pay for the S6 but less than the cost of the S6 Edge.

Be that as may, the price difference — if the report by Winfuture has gotten it right — is too thin to give any side an conclusive edge over the other. We will just have to wait until the official launch — which is today itself and tomorrow for Korea — to be able to compare the S6 and the G4 on other fronts.

Stay tuned!

Source: GsmArena

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