LG G4 Marshmallow update release set for next week in Poland.. only?

LG has just gone ahead and released the Marshmallow update for its G4, but that’s limited to Poland only for now. LG also said their G4 is world’s first device to get Marshmallow, but you know that they are talking non-Nexus device, as Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus 7 (2013) have already bagged home Android 6.0 update directly from Google, before all others.

You’d expect LG to release it in Korea first, followed by European and Asian model of LG G4 as this has been the case for past few years, but whatever be the reason, LG chose Poland, and more importantly, Poland only, for its first Marshmallow update release. Is Poland a new test site for LG now? What’s wrong with Korea?

LG did say when other unlucky regions on earth could get Marshmallow, a bit ambiguously though.

In the same statement in which LG said they are targeting LG G4 Marshmallow update release in Poland for next week, it stated that the same for other regions will be announced individually over due course of time.

So, if you are living in USA, Europe, Asia or else, wait until LG further announces anything.

What does that mean if you own a LG G4 at Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, etc. then? Well, it’s still great news for you.

If an International model of LG G4 is already set for Marshmallow update, then your device just got bigger chance of receiving the same earlier than you and us we could have hoped for.

We’re expecting the International LG G4 to receive the update next month in November, along with T-Mobile LG G4.

Sprint LG G4 could follow soon, with the Marshmallow update release happening by December end to January mid.

However, as regards Verizon LG G4, the wait could go on until January end to February, and the same goes for AT&T LG G4.

Anyway, these are good times for LG G4 users it seems. After all, Samsung earlier said that it is targeting Q1 2016 release of Marshmallow update for its flagship devices, which only stinks now that LG has been able to push a big update like Marshmallow in the same month as Nexus devices got it.

Incredible it is, even if it’s only for Poland.

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