LG G2 Lollipop Update Release must be close, as video gets leaked!

LG G2 Lollipop Update Video and Release

We’ve a some great news for LG G2 users who are waiting as much patiently as they can for the delicious Lollipop update. Their awaited update has moved closer to release, as we now know that LG G2’s initial Lollipop builds are under testing. A video leaked recently previewing the Android 5.0 update from Google on the LG G2 and thus we believe that we the update could see the light of the day anytime now.

You can say that video leak of an upcoming update are kind of a fashion now, as yesterday we saw a similar leak for another device, HTC M8. In fact, HTC has gone ahead and launched the Lollipop update today — in just one day since the leak — for its developer and unlocked editions of the One M8.

We wish LG G2’s update too is that ready, and launch is not far. The last year’s flagship, LG G3, has already received the update to Android 5.0 — which is impressive of LG as the company used to take ages before coming up with an update until last year. If LG updates the G2 within 2 months of the Lollipop’s release by Google, that it would be quite an achievement. Till now, LG G2’s main competitor at its launch, the Galaxy S4, is yet to receive the Lollipop update too. If LG beats Samsung to Lollipop update for their 2013 flagship, it would really be a measure of how good LG’s software team has improved — their UI is already much nicer than Samsung now, and updates could be way faster too.

The Lollipop build that was seen running on the G2 is LRZ2Y (that’s Android 5.0.1), and brings some cool new Lollipop features to G2, including the new recent tasks menu and material design. You can check out the video yourself below, and you’ll notice that performance-wise, this build is pretty good, maybe very near the release.

If we are to guess, we’d say we’re only a week or so away till LG starts distributing the Lollipop update to LG G2 users, topped with its own LG UI.

Video of LG G2 Lollipop Update

Official Version of Android L on LG G2

Via PhoneArena | Source GSMDome

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