LG G Watch Specs and Release Date Leaked Ahead of Google I/O

Google I/O is only a couple of weeks away, and while we’ve heard about LG G Watch based on Android Wear launching at the event, the device just got a massive leak revealing the precious specs and hints on the release date and pricing. There are already rumours that LG G Watch will be handed out to all Google I/O attendees. To call attendees of Google I/O lucky is deadly obvious, but anyway that’s cool gesture from Google, every year.

We all know quite well that LG’s devices are one of the most leaked devices — take the case of LG G3 and Nexus 5 — and LG G Watch continues that tradition. Some renders of the G Watch were leaked earlier and its specifications are seeing the light of the day now, courtesy of @upleaks.

Before we talk about the specs, let’s talk quick things first.


LG G Watch Price

The G Watch price is said to be less than that of £169 costing Samsung Gear 2 Neo, meaning it could very well launch for around £150, which is around $250 — the same no. we’ve heard for Moto 360, too.

LG G Watch Release Date

As regards the release date, July 7 is the date when it’s expected to launch in UK. We expect the LG G Watch to become available in US by July 7 or before that, perhaps right after the Google I/O.

LG G Watch Specifications

The leaked specs include its dimensions, which is 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm, and 1.65 inch display of 280 x 280 pixel resolution and weighing at 61g. Where as Samsung Gear 2 makes it at 56.6 x 36.8 x 11.1mm and 1.63 inch and 320 x 320 pixel display.

G watch comes with 4GB internal storage and 512MB of RAM. Also, some leaks refers to the processor being Snapdragon 400 (the one that is found in budget phones like Moto G, Grand 2, and many other popular models). Though, that may not happen, as G watch is a Wearable that does not need such amount of quad-core power, and battery life is the main concern for wearable devices. But a quad core 787MHz Snapdragon processor is also among the leaks.

The G Watch spec sheet also shows 400 mAh battery, and that’s around 36 hours of standby time in official words.

One of the important aspects of the wearable the G Watch is, Sensors. And G Watch doesn’t disappoint here, it includes ambient light sensor, pedometer and tilt sensor along with necessary touch sensor.

The Google I/O is set to happen on June 25-26, where Moto 360 could make an appearance too along with the G Watch.

You can take a look at the LG G Watch and its full 360° view on it’s official website.

Via @UpleaksModaco