LG G Flex 2 Price in Germany is really making us happy!

G Flex 2 Price

It’s fair to say that LG G Flex 2 has impressed us all more than we had expected. Unveiled at the CES 2015 over a week ago, the G Flex 2 was recently listed on Amazon Germany, and at very surprising price of 599 Euros, which translates to $700 approx, or INR 44,000. That’s a Snapdragon 810 processor for you, right there, along with the new 5.5″ 1080p curved-display capable of self-healing in just 10 seconds. Looks like LG is hoping to make you more inclined towards delightfully curved G Flex 2 with a reasonable pricing strategy.

If you’re wondering a why a phone that could be selling for as much as $700 is making us happy, consider this: the arrogant and original G Flex is still selling here in India for around INR40,000 ($640 approx) while it launched for whopping INR 70,000 ($1,120). Now that $700 price makes sense, right?

As much as we’re impressed by the G Flex 2, its price was what making us pray for a reasonable strategy and looks like good lords reigning over at LG have heard. In fact, the whole of G Flex 2 proves that LG is giving users a good ear, and sorting things out accordingly. In G Flex 2, LG reduced the massive 6-inch display from original G Flex to more manageable 5.5-inch, while cranking up the resolution to kind-of-minimum-for-large-display to Full HD. The back heals way faster now, and it’s loaded with Snapdragon 810 processor, thus making it future-proof even 4-six months and later, when the likes of Galaxy S6, HTC Hima (One M9), LG’s own G4, etc. would launch with same processor.

$700 price for G Flex 2 is a nice gesture from LG, and here’s a hoping that LG sees similar success with G Flex 2 that G3 gave it.


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