Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone could go into mass production very soon

Remember Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone? It was officially showcased by Lenovo in 2015 as a concept phone. However a new report suggests that Lenovo will soon start mass production of the device which means that the company is considering commercializing the product at the earliest.

The Lenovo Smart Cast is touted to be the world’s first laser projection smartphone which enables you to project images and video onto tabletops and walls. This unique feature is what sets it apart.

Lenovo Smart Cast: Laser Projection Smartphone Demo and Overview

The smartphone carries a hardware projector at the top or beneath. This projector can sense movements via infrared light. A hardware button launches the Smart Cast. When tapped, the button shows a folder containing every app that can interact with the Smart Cast.

At a time when top OEMs are busy working on and churning out bezel-less smartphones, this move by Lenovo is an innovation. The extra inches added to the top and bottom of the device may not be fit in well amongst the bezel-less phones, but it definitely is something to look out for as with this device the perception of what all a smartphone can do and be used might be totally changed.

Via: Weibo

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