Leaked Picture of The QWERTY Samaung Galaxy S Pro appears

Samsung Galaxy S PRO

As Motorola looks set to roll out its Qwerty phones DroidX and Droid2 in July and August respectively, Samsung also announced it’s PRO version of Galaxy S in no time to level up with the competition in the android phone market, esp qwerty ones.

The Android Community got a tip which revealed the leaked pic of Samsung Galaxy S Pro. Oh, poor name. BTW, see the pic below.

What’s so PRO here is the addition of a full 4-row QWERTY Keyboard to add to the delight of keyboard wannabes. While the other specs remain same like that of Galaxy S, including Super AMOLED screen,the keyboard is pretty different as it features the four buttons found on the front also, clearer than ever. The ‘Home’ and ‘Search’ appears in the right side of the keyboard while ‘Menu’ and ‘Back’ in the left side. Yes, we do hope Samsung does not fall short of screens or other components, which is affecting the sales of Droid Incredible and EVO very hard.

It also adds an in-vogue front facing camera to the Pro version while making the buttons on the front smoother. What’s stunning is the fact that it will be headed to Sprint where it might become the second android phone with 4G capabilities. You bet? Let’s hope it does launches quickly in other markets than its simpler version, Galaxy S.

No doubt, leaked specs, in fact a full blown spec-sheet is soon-to-appear followed by more leaked pics and finally, official announcement. That’s how these products roll, creating enough buzz till they hit the stores. What’s funny, we just love doing all this.

That aside, you think your favorite DroidX needs to worry an inch about this. Now both of them featuring Qwerty keyboard, it’s 4.3 inch vs 4.0 inch screen. But hey! can Samsung reduce the thickness to as thin as 9.9mm? We doubt that, how you wager on that?

Wow! we just totally forgot about silly 3.5 inch iPhone, you care about that? Still?

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