Leaked Oppo R15 image looks fake, although the idea might not be

Oppo R15

Oppo is not new to controversy, especially one involving smartphone designs. The Chinese OEM has been closely imitating Apple’s iPhone design as well as just about everything there is on iOS with respect to ColorOS.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X late last year, it was never in doubt that Oppo, like it has happened before, would also try out something similar to the Apple flagship’s design. Well, apparently, there’s a ‘leak’ doing rounds purported to be the Oppo R15, which looks exactly like the iPhone X, at least on the front panel.

In the leaked image, which seems too good to be true, we can see a full-screen design with a notch that houses a selfie camera and earpiece. Although Oppo is completely capable of pulling such a stunt, what makes us think this isn’t the Oppo R15 is the leaked back panel.

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A closer look at the back panel reveals a huge resemblance with the Oppo R11s Plus that was announced in November 2017. In fact, it seems someone pulled an R11s Plus image and made some tweaks to it, forgetting to make further tweaks to light falling on the right bottom of the oval-shaped rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Oppo R15 rumors
Leaked Oppo R15 (right) looks like a blend between Oppo R11s Plus (left) and Apple iPhone X

Also, it’s obvious that the camera lenses and LED flash are positioned exactly the same as the Oppo R11s Plus, which makes the design too similar to be true. A look around the edges also reveals the same positions for the hardware buttons. Even worse is the fact that the image is sourced from China’s Weibo, a platform that can hardly be trusted when it comes to smartphone leaks.

Despite being a blatant fake, the idea behind the leaked Oppo R15 looks great, especially the full-screen design on the front alongside the famous notch. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see what Oppo has in store for its upcoming phones.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on this alleged Oppo R15 design? Let us know in your comments below.

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