LCDDensity for Root Android App: Now, Even You Can Tweak Phone’s Resolution by Adjusting its Screen’s Density

LCDDensity for Root free android app

Mobile software will literally stop at nothing to let you customize your mobile phone in any possible way. With the army of developers that’s fueling the android market, you’ll find apps that exceed your imaginations by miles, about what a mobile software can do. It’s quite an inbuilt promise made while you purchased your gphone — only that you come to know about it either while surfing android market or our website, Right?

The app we have in sight, LCDDensity is a perfect example of how cool and/or weird an android app can get. You wouldn’t think of changing your device’s resolution — thinking that for god’s sake, it’s tied to hardware or something beyond your reach.

But kudos to developer Elviss kustans, who made it possible and packed the whole trick inside an app, so that even the lesser android mortals like you and us can play with our device’s resolution by adjusting it’s LCD density.

See the screenshots at the top to get the feel of what the app is all about. For what it’s worth, you should know that smaller number or text size on the screen means larger and better resolution. Note that your android phone must be rooted one with since the app will ask for superuser permission to do its work.

Check out the page at XDA Forums to get more details about the app, as also the opinion of enthusiasts who’ve already used this app. And if that interest you and is your type, we suggest you be a regular visitor of XDA since they got all those hack-ish stuff right there anytime. Usually, the forum is the first one to be updated with this kind of tips, tricks and weird stuff for your gphone.

Watch out the app in the working mode in the following video.

Let us know whether it worked perfectly on your gphone, specifying your device’s name and impact — how cool it really is. Check out other great tools to play with your android buddy and explore its true potential.

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