Latest T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ update fixes black crush and gradient banding issues, installs June patch, and more

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At the end of March, we reported about Samsung Galaxy S9’s black crush and gradient banding display issues that had become a nuisance for some users of the flagship phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 users, more so the Plus variant reported that the highly-ranked QHD+ Super AMOLED display panel on the handset was having issues displaying various shades of blacks, which is quite the opposite of what OLED panels are famous for – displaying deeper blacks and rich colors. Rather than show clear details of all dark sections when watching a video, for instance, users said the phone would show pixelated images with blocks of black.

While this issue did not affect everyone, those who have been suffering in silence finally have a fix rolling out right now. Some users reported to have received the fix as part of the May 2018 security patch, but this update did not arrive on T-Mobile Galaxy S9 handsets.

The Magenta carrier is now rolling out an update that combines May and June 2018 security patches, hence the reason users of the Galaxy S9 Plus on the carrier are reporting fixes for black crush and gradient banding at this point in time.

Furthermore, the update, which carries software version G960USQS2ARF4 for the standard S9 and G965USQS2ARF4 for the bigger S9 Plus, also brings improvements to facial recognition, where the feature is now much faster and more accurate in dark environments, bumps up the battery life, and makes the phone snappier.


This is an airborne update that T-Mobile says started rolling out on June 21, but as usual, it may take several days before everyone gets it. This actually explains why you probably haven’t received it at this time, but it’s for sure coming your way.

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