Over 250,000 Kindle Fire Tablets Already Pre-Ordered in Just 3 Days


Last week when we posted about the official release of Kindle Fire its spec-sheet surprised, and this week, the Kindle is looking even better. When the Kindle Fire was announced we never doubted its success — for all dual-core goodness it gives for just $200 — and now we hear same tunes we anticipated deep inside: it’s said Amazon has already secured a quite large sector of the tablet market before the launch of Kindle Fire with Kindle Fire’s pre-orders, which now stand at 250,000 in just 3 days.

The Kindle Fire has already received more than  250,000 pre-orders since it was announced last week and the numbers are still growing. If this continues Amazon will secure more than 2 million pre-orders before it is launched in mid-November. There is also a possibility that the pre-orders may soon come to a halt, even if it does Kindle Fire will still be the most successful tablet to be launched in the market. The Kindle Fire may not compare were well with the big-shot Honeycomb tablets like the Galaxy Tab, Xoom or iPad, but it does make up for its drawbacks with a price tag of $199.

So do you think that the Kindle Fire may actually turn out to be a iPad killer, after all?