IP69 rating is happening with the Galaxy Note 10!

Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note series is one for best-specced smartphone series of all time. You practically get your dream spec sheet with these phones, and it looks even though the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 may get rid of the beloved 3.5mm jack (frankly, we care less for it day-by-day), it may compensate well with the introduction of another next-gen feature that could be a first for Android phones.

We’re talking about the next-gen water resistance here. It’s bring rumored that the Galaxy Note 10 will feature an IP69 rating. Yes, that is brand new in Android phones. I don’t know if any phone ever has had it or not, but it looks like a first for the companies we know and buy devices of.

What improves in IP69 over IP68 — the current standard for all the flagships — is that you will be able to use the phone in high pressure and temperature of the water as well as water jet. So, if you rued about not being able to take your water-resistant phone on a slide in a water park, the Galaxy Note 10 may solve that problem for you.

Not that that’s the only use case of the IP69 rating. In many cases, water damage happens to the IP68-rated only because the phones were treated to the extra pressure or water jet, and given that’s where the IP69 will come handy, it does make sense.

What do you say?

It irks me personally to find that while OnePlus is avoiding any official IP rating even for its costliest and biggest flagship in the OnePlus 7 Pro to keep the cost down, Samsung is going a step further in the same aspect for what will be its costliest and biggest flagship in Galaxy Note 10 (Plus variant only, probably). But it looks worthy, right?

The news comes via a tweet from Ishan Agarwal, who reported that besides IP69 rating, the Galaxy Note 10 sets will feature faster wireless and wired charging and f/1.5 (very low!) aperture for the main 12MP camera. Note 10 Plus would feature a Quad HD display while the standard Note 10 will come with a Full HD+ res display.

The Galaxy Note 10 is indeed shaping up to be one of the most exciting phones of the year, despite the cool feature gesture features Google is showing for the Pixel 4. Thoughts?

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