Install MIUI v4 on HTC Desire

With MIUI4 ported over to the Nexus One, it was a no-brainer that it’s HTC branded twin, the HTC Desire, would get it too. The two devices are identical in specs and performance, with only a few minor differences in appearance, namely the Nexus One trackball being replaced with an optical trackpad on the Desire, and dedicated hardware buttons for Home, search and menu, and yes, the fact that the Nexus One was a stock Google device running pure Android, vs the Desire which came with HTC Sense.

MIUI, as many of you already know, is one of the favorite UIs/ROMs in the world of Android ROMs. It features a unique, and heavily themed interface, that does away with the traditional Android app  drawer and functions more like iOS, wherein you slide through homescreens to access apps. It also includes additional functionality not found in stock Android, including toggles on the notification pull-down, unique music app, gallery, and camera apps, and a modified phone dialer that displays matching contacts as a user enters a number. While some users find MIUI too similar looking to iOS, and hence prefer not to use it, there is no denying the slick, elegant, classy UI which you can further customize through hundreds of themes accessible from within the ROM, and the fact that it makes your device stand out from the crowd.

Before we move to read about how we can install this on the HTC Desire, you should know that while it is a working MIUI v4 port, it is still a beta, and not an official MIUI release yet. There may be some issues at the moment, however, these are being worked upon by the MIUI AU team, who has brought this ROM to us. It has been posted on XDA by XDA member lenny_kano . But like on the Nexus One, its a work-in-progress ROM, and it can only get better from here on 🙂 Have a look at some of the key features of the ROM in its current state, quoted from the development thread:


  • 4-Way Reboot MOD (thanks to roenano)
  • Spare Parts MOD (including nowhere near as much as previously, for now)
  • Mms user-agent and profile modified for better multimedia messaging

System Mods

  • Using ICS 4.0.3 CM9, b0.2.5 as a base (thanks to dk_zero-cool)
  • Camera partially working (a bit unstable, panorama force closes) (thanks to rapmv78)
  • Hardware Acceleration hack (thanks to rapmv78, rmcc)
  • RAM Optimisation script (thanks to Juwe11)
  • Security modified so that superuser and permissions management works properly
  • Custom hosts file for blocking ad servers
  • CM7 APN’s for better network connectivity
  • LED & Flashlight permissions reverted for compatibility with more apps
  • Custom installer script (See here for an explanation)
  • Customisable A2SD script (options in “Control” > A2SD Settings). Note that your phone will reboot TWICE automatically after you change your settings, in order to fix permissions and avoid issues.
  • Better GPS settings for Australian users.
  • OTA updates (Thanks to XJ &
  • Automatically adjusts installation for any HBOOT (All HBOOT other than Stock, Sense, or Data++ cannot perform data wipe without reflashing rom due to system partition size limitations)
  • Modified ramdisk to support native USB mounting as well as other small fixes
  • Modified framework to support USB mounting, network connection, signal display, and various other minor fixes
  • Torch from gingerbread build included
  • FM Radio included but currently not functioning, will force close if you try
  • Included Trackpad2Wake (thanks to samuaz)


  • AppWidgetPicker for non-MIUI launchers (thanks to Boombuler)
  • Calendar Sync fixed
  • Gmail with 3rd party app notification support
  • QQPlayer 1.2.233 MOD (thanks to QQ)


  • Camera can be unstable, and choosing panorama will force close
  • FM Radio not functioning
  • Probably more


  • Will install on any HBOOT, provided you have an sd-ext partition set up as the second partition on your card. Only stock HBOOT can function without it.
  • Only stock HBOOT, Data++ and Sense can perform data wipe without rom reinstallation, due to system files needing to be moved for other HBOOT’s.

Download Link

MIUI_Au 2.1.13 Beta (ICS 4.0.3) (547)

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • Installing/Flashing this ROM will erase your apps and data. So, it’s very important you back them up, before proceeding further. To backup your apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. Restore APN settings if Internet isn’t working for you. You can refer to this excellent Android Backup Guide to back up all your data and settings.
  • Make sure you have at least a 50% battery charge on your HTC Desire
  • You must have an sd-ext partition on your Desire. You can refer to this how-to guide to set up an sd-ext partition on your device
Installation Steps
  1. Download the MIUI ICS  Beta Rom file from HERE .  Filename:        |        Size: 114 MB
  2. Transfer the downloaded zip fie to the root of your external microSD card on the HTC Desire
  3. Switch off your phone, and reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery (Hold Volume Down and the Power button, then use Volume Down to highlight “bootloader” and press the Power button to select it. Once in the bootloader, use Volume Down to select “recovery” and press the Power button to select)
  4. Perform a Backup of your existing ROM, so that you can always restore it from recovery if something does not work out with this ROM. To perform a backup, select Backup and Restore –> On the next screen, Select Backup again.
  5. Perform a full Wipe.
    • Wipe data / factory reset –> Confirm Wipe data/Factory reset on the next screen
    • Wipe Cache Partition –> Confirm Wipe cache partition on the next screen
    • From the main menu, select Advanced, and then Wipe Dalvik Cache–>Confirm Wipe Dalvik on the next screen
  6. Now scroll to “Install zip from sdcard” and select it.
  7. Select  “Choose zip from sdcard”. Scroll to the file you transferred in Step 2 and select it.
  8. Now confirm installation by selecting “Yes — Install”. The ROM will start installing.
  9. After the installation is complete, select “go back” and then select “reboot system now” to reboot your phone.
  10. Congratulations!! You now have MIUI-AU ICS on your HTC Desire
You can visit the original development thread HERE to check for updates.
Go ahead and give it a go, and should you run into any roadblocks, give us a shout in comments below, and we’ll try and help out