Install ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) on the HTC Vivid

Those of you flashmaniacs who have gotten your hands on a shiny, new HTC Vivid, and have not been too happy with the Clockworkmod recovery that you have been using so far, there is an alternative CWM recovery version which is just out, thanks to XDA developer thecubed.

The new recovery is compiled from the ICS branch of CyanogenMod and supports backing up of boot images, which seems to be a somewhat iffy process with the other CWM recovery version that was available. Anyway, options are always welcome when it comes to flashing. And that ability to customize, tweak and liberate a device, is to my mind, what makes Android such a great platform in comparison to its competitors.

Moving on to the new CWM, it’s needless to say that you should be running an unlocked bootloader, which you can easily do from here.

thecubed has provided an alternative installation method too, for those who already have an unlocked bootloader.

You can download the recovery images for both installation methods from the developer’s original thread here.

The thread also has detailed information on the pros and cons of either of the two methods used to flash CWM, so you can opt for what suits you the most and go ahead. I would recommend the second method (ph39img) for those who are new, as its easier and does not involve any fiddling around with command line.

Do tell us about your experience with the new CWM version in comments below.