Install Apps (.apk files) from SD Card using ‘Easy installer’ app

Easy installer is a handy app that helps in installing other applications ( .apk files ) to your smartphone directly from the SD card. The app scans your SD card for .apk files and displays them on the screen, you just have to select the desired app and easy installer will do the rest.

The app comes with a search feature that allows you to search for .apk files, and if the file is missing, there’s an option to search for the app in Android market.  You can also send the apps through mail by clicking the send option. If you don’t find the desired file you can just clear scan cache in setting, and restart the app, this will re-scan the apk files on the SD card again and rebuild the cache of apk files to install.


  • Install/delete apps from SD card
  • Batch install & delete
  • Filter apps by name, sort apps
  • Search apps in Google Market
  • Send apps to friends by email

Download Easy Installer

To download the app click on this link.


  1. What’s the difference between using this and going into your Apps and choosing ‘My Files’, navigate to ‘external_sd’ and installing from there?
    Why do you need to download another App when the default one will do the same job?

    1. You’re right but not all android devices have a file manager pre-installed. My Files is Samsung’s welcome addition, but many phones don’t have a file manager pre-installed.

  2. What about installing apps on a device that doesn’t have internet access, thus can’t actually GET the Easy Installer app?

  3. I love this app. I am satisfied with the app it would allow me to install apps on my phone that are on my SD card. I found a great website to Download Premium mods of Apps and Games.

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