How to Increase Battery life on Android Devices

The Android devices are a part of life now and we can’t think of a day without using these smart devices. But it’s no doubt that these devices are battery hogs and always try to eat up your battery quite quickly. This would cause a great inconvenience and one has to carry AC chargers or Power Banks to boost up their battery power every once in a while. There are many reasons for quicker draining of the battery of your device.

Some of the factors are not quite controllable like Device’s hardware configurations, but a lot of the factors are controllable and even perishable in some cases. So here are a few tips to increase your device’s battery life and increase portability of the device.


Android Operating System maintains some background processes of the apps even when they are not used to provide various services of the like> For instance Google Framework services always run in the background to bring notification of various Google apps, Some apps need frequent exchange of data with their servers to keep the user’s data up-to-date. These services consume a major amount of RAM as well as the battery drains quicker due to various background processes. Background processes are to be restricted to improve your battery life.

Greenify:  The Greenify app takes no non-sense approach and consumes very less RAM consumption itself. This app takes a simplistic yet different approach from the mainstream battery apps out there. The purpose of this app is to give control of other apps in the hands of the user.

The idea behind the app is to limit the apps privilege to run in the background. This is the reason why it ranks first on our list. The idea may seem simple but actually is very effective as in real life performance. In our tests, it gave pretty impressive results and we could definitely notice how ‘hibernating’ heavy apps like Facebook and others had an impact on the longevity of our battery.

What it’s good at:
  • ‘Hibernate’ select applications.
  • Notifies of apps that may slow down your device.
  • Tells which app is running in background and how much RAM is it consuming.
  • Has a very small memory footprint itself.
  • Hibernate System apps. (Paid version)
  • Detect which app or process woke up the hibernated app. (Paid version)
  • Allow GCM push for hibernated apps. (Paid version)
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One of the main reason for decreasing battery life is the deteriorating condition of battery’s health. Battery life is not about getting more hours on a single charge, but it’s about the prolonged life of the battery until it is worn out. So it should be of prime importance to monitor the battery’s health in real time.  Some important tips to ensure battery’s health are:

  • Don’t charge your device frequently
  • Don’t let your battery get hot. Remove the battery for sometime if the phone gets too hot.
  • Calibrate battery in regular intervals
  • Don’t overcharge or undercharge the batteries
  • Use Standard Chargers recommended for the device

Here is an exclusive thread on how to increase battery’s health and life in long run. Click through the below post for more info on this:



The huge app collection in android market will tempt most of us to download each and every app we like it on Playstore. But not all the apps are used regularly and usually most of the apps are in dormant state. This causes a terrible waste of memory and other resources. Even though these apps lay dormant they consume considerable amount of battery resources. This is absolute waste of battery power for unused apps. So it is advisable to un-install unnecessary apps in your device.

If you are unable to take a decision on which apps to un-install, try the Frequency app which will help you decide on un-installing apps by displaying the app usage info over a time. So now you can choose which app to un-install by simply looking at the statistics. Check the Frequency app review link below for more info:



Live wallpapers are one of the beautiful things to decorate your android home screen. But as beautiful as they look, the more dangerous they are. This is for quite obvious reasons, live wallpapers use the RAM resources continuously and in turn heat up the device and consume more of the battery than any other apps. If the live wallpaper is interactive, then the battery life is much more affected. So it is optimal that you don’t use live wallpapers continuously.


The rapid advancement in app development has opted cloud services to provide more functionality to the users. And they have proved their mettle, but data consumption is the first disease that is resulted by the enormous functionalities. This is due to various apps using data in the form of background processes. Also battery life is reduces if the background data consumption is more. So the background data usage should be restricted and the data consumption should be at the minimum to reduce the battery drains.

Here’s an exclusive page on how to reduce data consumption on android devices. This gives breif idea on how to reduce data usage by restricting background data usage:



Some of the widgets may cause too much damage to the battery life on your device. This is due to the immense use of device’s resources by these apps. For example a weather widget continuously contacts its servers to obtain latest weather information and some widgets need a un-interrupted data connection. These widgets consume lots of resources as well as a major portion of your battery charge. So it is better to avoid these types of widgets or at least trim down the features to cause minimal damage.


One of the main cause for the rapid battery drain is due to various communication modules like WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Radio etc… drinking up your battery juice continuously. A smart way to control these battery hunger services is necessary for a increased battery life. If these features are kept ON continuously they will drain your battery in no time. So it is advisable to switch these features off when not in use. If it is too tedious to do this job manually, then try the LeanData app which serves the purpose.

LeanData: LeanData is a lightweight application that automatically manages your device’s battery-hungry wireless connections. It can enable/disable WiFi, Cellular Data (2G, 3G, LTE), and Bluetooth after a certain time with the screen off to conserve battery power and lower data usage. It will only disable connections that were already on, and only if the device is on battery power. It will only disable connections if there is negligible data transfer and/or there are no bluetooth devices connected! For example, streaming internet radio will not stop.

For further information on this app, checkout the app review page linked below:



Display is the major cause for quicker battery drain. Larger and brighter the screen, the more it will consume the battery power. So the Screen time-out should be kept minimum to keep your screen off in unnecessary conditions. If the Screen time-out is configured to greater lengths, it would effect greatly on the battery life of your device. If you can’t change the screen time-out frequently according to your purpose, then try the KinScreen app which controls the screen time-out dynamically based on our usage.

KinScreen: KinScreen is a lightweight application that automatically manages the screen time-out. It keeps your screen on when you need it and turns it off when you don’t .So no more annoying screen timing out while you are reading or thinking!

KinScreen make use of a couple of sensors to make the smart decisions like Motion and Proximity sensors. Using motion sensor, the screen is kept on by motion detection of the device. Small movements are detected from you just holding the device. The screen will time out quickly when motion is not detected to save battery. The screen is also kept on by waving over the proximity sensor. However, the screen will time out quickly when the proximity sensor is covered, whether in motion or not.

Head on to the Kinscreen app review page for further info:



If you have gone through the above methods and still want to improve your battery life try some of the best battery conserving apps available in the market. Click on the below link to find the exclusive page on the best battery conserving apps available in the Playstore.