Improve LG G3 Performance and Battery Life with this Custom MOD

Although LG G3 packs powerful hardware and a decently larger battery than most of Android devices out there, you may still find the device lagging a bit and drying out before your day completes. Well, for the most part, you can blame LG’s custom software for the drama.

But thanks to the ever-growing third-party development on the device, you can increase the performance and battery life of LG G3 if you choose to root your device. There’s this custom MOD by BuLLeT_93 over at XDA, which modifies the build.prop and init.d files on your G3 to boost its overall performance.

The MOD comes as a recovery flashable zip, so you’ll need a custom recovery installed on your G3 (we recommend TWRP) to be able to install it. Also, for your convenience, the developer has built the flashable zip with Aroma installer so that you can selectively install the MODs you want, if you don’t want to go with all the modifications the zip file offers.

However, you may want to be cautious of selecting the Resolution MOD from the zip file as it won’t work good with stock ROMs based on LG G4 UX and G4 apps. Still, if you decide on installing the resolution MOD on a stock ROM, make sure you change the value of  “ro.sf.lcd_density=” in your build.prop file to either of the following: 528 or 530 or 532.

You can grab the build.prop and init.d MOD files from the download links below. But before you install, we’d recommend you to check out the original development page first to make sure you completely understand the stuff this MOD is going to modify on your device. Below is a short description from the developer:

  • v1 build.prop: A lot of build.prop code (properties of ROM) to get better performance/battery life.
  • v1 init.d: A lot of init.d scripts (scripts that run at boot) that u can select using AROMA INSTALLER to get better performance/battery life.
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