What is the I got plans for me and you TikTok trend?

TikTok is known for its newer challenges and trending videos that keep popping up every now and then, now more than ever thanks to restrictions in place during the pandemic. Even amidst the feud between its different segregations (Straight vs Elite TikTok) that exist on the platform, new trending videos keep getting posted on TikTok no matter what.

Another trend that has recently started appearing on the platform is ‘I got plans for me and you’ and the following post will help you understand it better so you can join the bandwagon as well.

What is the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend on TikTok?

With stay-at-home orders at its peak, the younger demographic is yet again dancing to a popular tune on Tiktok. In the videos that have become popular, users start with a slow dance or just lip-syncing to the first few verses and then break away to heavy steps when the sound switches to the bass-heavy side. For added effect, you can start shaking the camera sideways when the bass starts to kick in.


♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena

‘I got plans for me and you’ Original song

The sound for the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend that users are dancing to is from TikTok user j.e.s.s.x. Although the original sound for the trend has been reused for over 365K times, the song is a snippet from the popular 2007 song ‘Take you down‘ from Chris Brown. Published under the album named “Exclusive”, the song was written by Brown himself with the help of Steve Russell, James Fauntleroy, Lamar Edwards, Harvey Mason, Jr., and Damon Thomas.

You can listen to the original Chris Brown song “Take you down” on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

I got plans for me and you: Popular videos

Ever since the original sound started getting trending, there are been several videos that have been uploaded on TikTok, as part of the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend.

The most popular iteration of the trend is from TikTok user Piper Lee who appears to be the one dancing to the beats before her brother falls down the stairs in this funny video.


My bro said “WAIT I WANNA BE IN IT” and he slipped??? #fyp #foryou #viral #comedy #family #minivlog #indoorlooks #inyourface @itsjdub

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena

In yet another funny version of the trend, TikTok user Kieran Hanson is seen dancing with her friend before they realize their dates have arrived, catching them in the pure act of making a TikTok video.


our dates showed up and caught us making a tik tok in the window #fyp #idaho #famoustiktoker

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena

This one by user Jorgiacella is an effort that almost paid through.


Got a little stuck there

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena

Celebrity reactions to ‘I got plans for me and you’

Dozens of TikTok celebrities have joined in on the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend and have uploaded videos of their own dancing to the beats of the original sound. So far, the sound has been reused by Bryce Hall, Addison Rae, Nick Austin, Kio Cyr, Kouvr Annon, and Hannah Kaye Balanay.


this is my audition to be @tonylopez @ondreazlopez

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena



♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena


you guys asked for it @tonylopez

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena


The end: ??? @iamoliviaponton

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena


Me and @charlidamelio are coming for your brand ?

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena


bbygirl <3

♬ .definitely.didnt.expect.this.to.get.so.viral – itsjessmena

How to do it yourself

If you wish to create an ‘I got plans for me and you’ yourself video youself, then you can do so by opening the original sound page for the ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend and tapping the ‘Use this sound’ button at the bottom. After that, you can proceed to record your moves with beats of your own.

‘I got plans for me and you’ hashtag

Click this link to find more ‘I got plans for me and you’ videos on TikTok. You can also search for this hashtag on TikTok – #igotplansformeandyou, which has itself got around 300K views.

You can also use the following TikCode and scan it to browse the videos directly on your TikTok app. To scan the code, tap on the Discover tab at the bottom, click the scan button, and then scan the TikCode given below.

What are your views on Tiktok ‘I got plans for me and you’ trend?