Why Hulu Watch Party feature isn’t available for you?

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services currently available on the market. Apart from offering a huge content library, Hulu also gives a list of comprehensive pricing plans to choose from depending on your budgets and needs. Their basic plan runs as low as $5.99/month with limited ads that are shown during your watch time.

The company recently announced a new feature that has us excited. Hulu Watch Party is the new feature by Hulu that allows you and your friends to watch content on Hulu simultaneously in real-time. It also has a chat feature that will allow you and your friends to converse with each other while watching your favorite show.

If you have been looking to avail of this new feature by Hulu and haven’t been able to find it, then there can be multiple reasons why this feature is unavailable to you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why the Watch Party feature is unavailable to you.

Limited Rollout

Even though Hulu announced the feature officially today, it is still being rolled out to users in batches. This method of making the feature available helps track bugs and issues with the service easily without affecting all of the existing user base.

It also makes it easier for the developers to roll out a stable release without bugs affecting everyone using Hulu in the first place. If you do not have the Watch Party feature available to you, then you should wait for a few days as it is being rolled out to users in small batches.

Under Testing

Watch Party is still a fairly new feature that uses significant bandwidth and resources on your system. Bugs with the service are expected in the initial days which is why developers are slowly making the feature available to everyone.

This will give them a chance to fix upcoming bugs at a steady pace while making sure that any errors or major bugs do not end up affecting Hulu’s entire userbase. Once the feature is out of its testing phase, it will be available to everyone using Hulu.

PC/Web only

If you are trying to access Hulu from a mobile device then chances are that the new Watch Party feature will be unavailable to you. This is because the feature is still in its initial rollout phase which means that currently it has been only released for desktop PCs. You will need access to a desktop browser to access this feature.

Friends and family looking to join you for a watch party on Hulu will also need access to a desktop system and browser to access the Watch Party. Support for mobile devices is expected to come in the future but there is no official word on it yet by Hulu.

US only

Lastly, if you are not in the US and are trying to access this feature then it is likely that it is not available to you. Hulu as a streaming service is currently only available in the US, which means that the Watch Party feature is also only available to the users residing in the US. If you are outside the US and accessing Hulu using a VPN, there is still no guarantee that you will be able to get Watch Party.

Hulu regularly keeps checks on their users’ locations even if they use VPNs which results in many of them being unable to access their accounts regularly. Hulu likely has restricted access for you to its services due to your location being outside the US.

These are the most common reasons why you are unable to access Watch Party as a feature on Hulu. If available, you can try appropriate fixes depending on your reason to try and fix the issue on your end. But we recommend waiting for a few days as Hulu is expected to roll out the feature to all its users in the coming weeks.

We hope this guide helped you identify the reason why you are unable to access the Watch Party feature on Hulu. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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