HTC’s 5G phone (U13?) clears Bluetooth SIG

HTC 5G phone

The last time HTC released a flagship phone is back in June 2018, the HTC U12+. Since then, there haven’t been any significant developments in regards to its successor (HTC U13?), with some sections suggesting that the Taiwanese company could be exiting the flagship market.

But several weeks ago, leaker Evan Blass tweeted that HTC was, in fact, already working on a 5G phone with model number 2Q6U, but we can’t say whether this is indeed the U13. The tweet has since been taken down, but we now have fresh details about the same device.

The Bluetooth SIG has cleared an HTC device with model number 2Q6U10000, which we believe is the same 5G phone that Blass talked about.

Other than the fact that it will support Bluetooth 5.0, there isn’t much we can gather from this listing in terms of other specs. But still, it gives us hope that HTC is onto something here, possibly with a potential June 2019 release date.

5G will become mainstream this year and it makes sense to see a 5G phone from yet another renowned player in the smartphone industry. The Galaxy S10 5G has already been confirmed for the U.S. market and so is the LG V50 ThinQ.

Samsung is also expected to release the troubled Galaxy Fold in the U.S. this coming week.

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