HTC Vision specs leak. Dons a 1 Ghz processor and Android 2.1 with Physical Keyboard.

HTC Vision with Physical Qwerty Keyboard

Android’s been nearly 2 years old now but when it comes to options for a slider phone, it’s far from rich. Okay, don’t whisper about non-availability of a physical keyboard boasting phone in iOS too, because that does not absolve Android of the user’s need of Qwerty keyboard phones powered by with Android 2.1/2.2.

Yes, many of us are keeping fingers crossed for Droid 2 — unofficially said to be released on August 23 — but that’s just one phone and admittedly, we are quite used to with having a lot of options in our hand, ever since Android’s super phones have taken the world by storm. Agreed, Google’s dear OS has really spoilt us here.

So, what’s this is all about, then? Well, there is one competitor android phone that Droid 2 should take note of, the HTC Vision. Recent leaks of the phone suggest it yet another Android 2.1 phone with 1Ghz processor from HTC, but with 4 row physical QWERTY keyboard. Screen size? That’s same as that of Droid 2, 3.7 inches. It also boasts of 1.2GB of internal memory which is second only to Samsung Galaxy S at 8GB.

Keep watching this space for more, as we expect more blurry images to be leaked soon, followed by some healthy specs and official announcemnet. Not so encouraging, no? Yes, we can’t say we are too excited for HTC Vision, and Droid 2 seems a better choice over the former, thanks to rumors that the latter will come with Froyo pre-installed. There you lost your vision, HTC.

HTC Vision with Android 2.1

Via Android Central

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