HTC Shift Spotted Again, Codenamed as PG6010. When Will HTC Break Silence Over It? CES, Might Be!

HTC Knight

Frankly, we think HTC is too silent these days; No big phone rumors, nothing with the dual core phones, no android powered tablets, nothing. But the company still got one phone for us to talk about. Want us to name it? How about HTC EVO Shift 4G, HTC Knight, HTC Speedy, HTC A7373 or PG6010? It’s true that this upcoming android phone of HTC managed to grab so many names, perhaps, trying to make up for the lack of so-many android phones in the upcoming list.

But here is a thing, we just spotted it bearing the PG6010 tag at the BestBuy archives, the same name with which it was known to FCC guys.

HTC might settle the score with the names at the upcoming major tech event, CES, where it may also announce the launch details of the phone. But what’s you fav one, anyway?

Via: Engadget

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