HTC One S price slashed in UK, now selling for £314.99 only

We believe that with launch of new products should also comes great discount on the already existing products and thankfully some retailers believes in it too. As we know HTC is holding an event on Sept. 19 in New York and chances are that they’ll launch new products there, Expansys (UK) has already slashed the price of HTC One S by nearly 100 pounds from its launch price — coming down to £314.99 now. Plus you also get a free Krusell screen protector with it.

Though its true that there are a lot of other new phones in the market but with its super thin design at 7.9mm and good built up — this phone is a good bargain at this price. Now if you are planning to buy it then please remember that this offer is only available on the black ceramic metal model.

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