HTC One M9 Plus with Fingerprint Scanner spotted, again

Earlier today, HTC’s President of America, Jason Mackenzie said that the company will be making a big announcement in middle of March or later in the month to compete with the premium phones Samsung and Apple are offering. Now, don’t mistake it as if HTC’s One M9 is less premium, but there are features that other manufacturers are offering, and which are getting more useful (than gimmicky) for a smartphone as mobile payments are picking up steam. Yes, we’re talking about a fingerprint scanner that HTC flagships devices lack.

But well, it turns out HTC isn’t ignoring the fact. The company has been in rumors of developing a premium variant of its One M9, and was even expected to announce it at the MWC 2015 event alongside the new flagship, but it looks something stopped them. And we guess, it’s largely the design part of the new device that’s to come with a fingerprint scanner. Anyway, for all we know, the device is said to be called HTC One M9 Plus and it has made an appearance yet again on the internet, showing its fingerprint scanner on front.

HTC One M9 Plus

The Samsung-ish home button type of thing you’re seeing in the picture above isn’t exactly a button. Renowned leakster upleaks claims that it’s only a fingerprint scanner, it has no role as such of a button. But yeah, we share your pain. It looks downright ugly on that premium all-metal design of HTC One M9.

Also, we’ve seen the device previously as well in a round of leaks and it appeared with that same Samsung-ish home button thing, so even though we don’t like it, and even if HTC itself doesn’t like it, but it seems like the only option to fit in a fingerprint scanner on the device until the new technology from CrucialTek that integrates fingerprint scanner into the touchscreen display itself hits the market.

Anyways, as always, take this leak with a pinch of salt. This could also be a work of photoshop, playing on the design cues of previous leaks. But hold your breath! we’d also like to make a wild guess. CrucialTek, the company making those touchscreen displays with integrated fingerprint scanners, has said that devices carrying the company’s new tech will hit the stores in Q2 this year. And if HTC is indeed announcing the One M9 Plus later this month, do you think the One M9 Plus will feature a display with integrated fingerprint scanner? Yeah, go ahead.. call us crazy!

Source: Weibo
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