HTC to Make Big Announcement Soon to Compete with iPhone and Samsung

htc one e9

The Taiwan based tech firm HTC has a plan to face the premium smartphone market segment this time. The vendor has been involved in making some of the best smartphones lately with the One lineup of flagship devices that impressed consumers with the premium metallic build.

Despite this fact, HTC has been struggling hard to sell its offerings in large volumes as how Apple and Samsung managed to do. The issue is partially due to a marketing problem. For instance, Samsung being a prominent Android device manufacturer follows an aggressive marketing campaign, PR push and other promotions that have left HTC behind in terms of sales.

However, it seems like things have taken a change. Samsung’s sales and profits are tumbling as several other manufacturers have started making their way into the Android world with impressive offerings at lesser price points. The same has happened with HTC devices as well. The vendor has come up with the One M9 that is different from the other Android phones and iPhone 6 as well.

htc one e9

As Apple’s offerings are always in the premium smartphone segment with high price tags, the Android makers are struggling hard to compete with it. In the meantime, HTC has come up with a plan to succeed the same. Well, a Business Insider report notes HTC’s President of America, Jason Mackenzie teasing the launch before the release of the M9 this spring.

He tipped that a huge announcement is coming in late March and it will be a great differentiation between Samsung and Apple smartphones. May be, it’ll be the rumored HTC One M9 Plus, which is expected to come equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a larger 5.5 inch display to compete with the premium offerings from Apple and Samsung.

Source: Business Insider