HTC One M8 Marshmallow update release date tipped by HTC, includes GPe and hints at One M9’s too

HTC’s twitter handle just gave us an idea of when they are targeting to release the Marshmallow update for their HTC One M8. And that also hints us a lot about HTC One M9 Marshmallow update release too, because it would happen only nearly a month before the Android 6.0 hits One M8, M9 bring current flagship.

HTC is looking to release the Marshmallow update for its One M8 sets, including the One M8 GPe (Google Play edition), by the end of December this year.

Given the fact that some delay usually follows target date, we could be very well running Android 6.0 on our HTC One M8 in January, at the least.

HTC One M8 Marshmallow update

And if we are to wager, then Android 6.0 update for HTC One M9 should be releasing by end of next month, that is, November 2015. One M9 getting 6.0 a month before One M8 seems totally reasonable. That would still be around 60 days later than Nexus device, who scored the Android 6.0 update today, and already have Android 6.0 Root and 6.0 OTA files available.

What do you say, will HTC be able to deliver 6.0 update on time? And is it okay with you?

HTC One M8 GPe Marshmallow update

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