HTC One M8 and M7 Lollipop Update Release pushed back!

Lollipop update one m8 m7

HTC has fairly nicely admitted that the remaining HTC One M8 and One M7 sets that haven’t seen the Lollipop OTA rolling for them already, will get the 5.0 update only after the promised 90-day window, which is February 1. This has to do mainly with carrier-tied One M8 sets, but most of the One M7 sets.

This situation with One M8 is not that worse. The developer and unlocked editions of the One M8 are running 5.0 now, and the same is the case with the unlocked One M8 sets in Europe. But, there is no variant of One M7 that runs Lollipop, even though we did spot one in a leak.

HTC cites the reason behind this as Google needing to fix Android’s code more than usual. This, despite the company’s best efforts, is resulting in the delay as HTC has to wait for Google fixes to come in, even though it’s fixing issues on its own, too.

Situation, according to the HTC, is such that if it decides to rollout the semi-fixed updates, it will not really result in better experience for users, which is something HTC doesn’t want obviously.

You can read the full comment by HTC here.

Well, at least we know HTC is fully aware of the situation and is working hard behind the scenes to get the coveted Android 5.0 update to all One M8s and One M7s as soon as it is possible.

There is a similar situation in the case of Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update, which is stuck because it’s still under testing with Gear VR team, while it’s ready to be pushed as OTA, or Kies download. Moreover, the news of Galaxy S4 Lollipop update under roll out right now in Russia is a bitter pill to swallow for One M7 users!

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